Friday, April 28, 2023

The O. HENRY AWARD 2023 : Dream Man


The Best Short Stories 2023: The O. Henry Prize Winnersedited by Lauren Groff; series edited by Jenny Minton Quigley, will be published in September by Anchor Books.

Cristina Rivera Garza
“Dream Man,” translated from the Spanish by Francisca González-Arias, Freeman’s

Announcing the Winners of the 2023O. Henry Prize for Short Fiction here


Monday, April 24, 2023





 Ya en librerías este Turbar la quietud: Gestos subversivos entre fronteras (Katakana Ediciones, 2023), con edición de Gisela Heffes y Cristina Rivera Garza, y ensayos de: Marta Aponte Alsina, Gabriela Wiener, Giovanna Rivero, Cristina Burneo Salazar, Stalina Villarreal, Amaranta Caballero, Selva Almada, Magela Baudoin, Verónica Gerber, Claudia Salazar Jiménez. 


Monday, April 03, 2023


 A short story translated by Sarah Booker at The Yale Review. 

The person who was driving these narrow country roads, now skillfully avoiding the body of some nocturnal animal, was as bitter as the saliva he couldn’t swallow. I screamed it to the heavens: I am not a happy man. I shouted it out to the deer that forced me to screech to a stop in the middle of the road, the deer that kept look­ing at me with its big, bright eyes as I got out of my car and fell to my knees on the asphalt, crying. Who are you? I yelled. What the hell are you doing out here? I realized it was just a fawn, cocking its head to the left. I said it once I could finally stand and get back in the car, looking into the rearview mirror: I am not a happy man. I am barely a man.

Translated by Sarah Booker.

Full text: The Yale Review.